About Us

Path-Maker LLC was form in March 2019 after Kevin Holly, Zachariah Russell, and Mark Russell co-invented a vegetation cutting apparatus (U.S. Patent Application No. 16/353,512). The apparatus can be used to clear paths by removing an assortment of vegetation including brush, bamboo, or small trees. Our product idea placed 1st place in the Won in One idea pitch competition hosted by Louisiana Tech’s Innovation Enterprise (under a former name called Push Hog). Our device is applicable for creating trails for hunters, hikers, and bikers. Landscapers can utilize the device to clear a patch of land around large trees, where shrubs, bushes, or even thickets of bamboo can be removed. The lightweight (less than 50 lbs) walk behind brush cutting unit can fit in a standard sedan seat making it easier to transport than other competing devices.

We are open to investors.

Our Team

Kevin Holly

Kevin Holly has a doctorate in biomedical engineering

Mark Russell

Mark Russell has over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering and management.

Zachariah Russell

Zachariah Russell has 7 years of experience in mechanical engineering and the agricultural industry

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